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Blogging is an amazing way to make money online. Even so, getting started and trying to make money is scary. The statistics on bloggers who start out and fail is even scarier! The good news is that you don't have to take any chances -- you can become a successful blogger when you use tried and true methods!

Take a long, hard look at these reviews, because one of these guides is your ticket to financial freedom through blogging. You don't have to start 'just another blog'. You can start a blog that gets traffic and makes sales left and right. Learning from the masters of blogging is the only way to make that happen.

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Features: 5 stars
5 stars

Blogger's Paycheck

Blogger's Paycheck is a breath of fresh air among the blogging how-to guides. It was actually written by a guy who is relatively new to the world of pro-blogging, but he's pretty darn good at it! The fact that he is newer means that he was able to put together a guide that will literally answer all your questions about making a full time income from your blog.

Author John Yeo's story about how he got started blogging is pretty neat. He was about to get married and wanted to document the experience for his wife. It soon turned into a huge project, and his blog started getting amazing levels of traffic. That traffic led to some lucrative paid advertisements, and the rest is history.

The Blogger's Paycheck approach is different than that of the other guides out there. John breaks things up into 5 separate manuals. These range from around 10 pages each to more than 100 pages! This separation is a great thing for new people and more experienced people alike because you can pick and choose what you want or need to read.

Probably the most important section is the one about know, the thing Internet marketers DON'T have! His points are very valid and helpful, and can really make it stick in your mind that in order for you to successfully make money online you need to choose a method and see that method through to the end.

The first section also discusses how to set up your blog in the first place. Everything is covered from choosing a blog platform to where to find pictures to make your blog more appealing. Subsequent sections talk about writing content and finding keywords so you can rank highly in the search engines. The next section on traffic contains some pretty standard, but helpful, information.

You'll want to pay close attention to the marketing PDF! That has some tips in it that will be easy enough for newbies to implement, but that many of the old pros are missing out on right now.

The monetization section focuses on a grab bag of methods, but eventually settles into the steps you need to take to get companies to advertise on your blog. The proper layout for this sort of thing is very important. Thankfully, John does spell it out for you.

He even talks about creating an optimized page that will really intrigue advertisers, leading to more ad sales for you. This section is particularly interesting because we haven't seen it discussed in anything else we've reviewed.

This package is huge, and you'll also find videos to help you get started. Since learning Wordpress can feel like you're wading in a world of confusion, these videos are essential for newbies. You'll also find a ping list, which we all know is essential to getting lots of traffic from blogs. There are other bonuses as well, which you can see on the sales page (did someone say massive free PLR?).

You really can't go wrong with Blogger's Paycheck, unlike with some of the 'guru' packages out there. John literally takes you by the hand, and we don't see how you could NOT make money if you follow his steps.

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Features: 4 stars
5 stars

Super Affiliate Blogger

It's hard not to be interested in Affiliate Marketing. What could be better than selling a product, getting paid, and not having to handle order fulfillment or anything else? It's a great way to make money, and when you combine affiliate marketing and blogging the results are unstoppable.

Super Affiliate Blogger is an ebook on blogging at its core, but it takes a different slant than the other books we reviewed. This one helps you get started on blogging much like the others, but the focus on affiliate marketing really sets this one apart.

You'll discover how to:

  • Set up your blog (basic and advanced information is covered)
  • Use keywords and implement SEO strategies
  • Optimize your posts and creating compelling titles
  • Use Link exchanges and other methods of driving traffic

Now, those are things you'll find in most ebooks that tell you how to get started with blogging. Super Affiliate Blogger also contains a very large section (this is not a short ebook) on affiliate marketing. Everything you need to know is covered from what affiliate marketing is to more advanced techniques.

This information is really wonderful, but it does lead to more advanced concepts -- a little too quickly. While much of the book focuses on fairly easy strategies, it soon turns to things like setting up an entire affiliate marketing funnel, complete with Pay Per Click and landing pages.

This shouldn't be an issue at all for people who have been doing this for a while, but those who are new will probably become very frustrated. Not only do they need to learn how to blog using this strategy, they also need to learn how to code a landing page, figure out their opt-in box, AND take the chance on PPC, among other things.

With that being said, this section is highly valuable for people who are ready for it. Newbies can probably handle it with some patience, but some will likely become a bit overwhelmed.

Moving along to traffic -- we really like this section! It went more in depth about using RSS feeds and submitting them to directories than any other guide we've reviewed so far.  This is a great thing because rankings on the Internet and best practices for getting traffic are always changing. At this point in the game, knowledge about RSS feeds is critical.

This package comes with some bonuses that really helps to make it complete. First, there is a list of codes that will help you optimize your blog. These are must-haves. They are easy to implement, but not too many people do. That will give you a big advantage over the competition. 

In addition to the codes, Super Affiliate Blogger also comes with custom templates. These come in a variety of different styles to suit different niches. Finding good themes can be hard to do, and customizing them is even harder. These themes are great for newbies and experienced people alike.

Super Affiliate Blogger is a no-brainer choice if your main goal is to become a top affiliate to pull in a great income. If you don't want to build landing pages, build a list, etc. You may want to go with a different product. If you want follow in the footsteps of blogging affiliate marketers who are already successful, you really can't go wrong with this product.

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Features: 3 stars
5 stars

Blogging To The Bank

Blogging to the Bank is basically a brand these days. That means as soon as author Rob Benwell releases something people flock to it like crazy! Unfortunately, that's a trend that likely won't continue if future products are like this one.

It's not that Blogging to the Bank 3.0 is completely unhelpful. It can certainly help some newbies who have no idea how to get started. However, the promises of making thousands upon thousands of dollars will not likely come true as a result of reading this book and implementing the methods.

While we don't doubt that Rob makes a great living from his blogs, he certainly doesn't disclose very much information about how to do it here. He barely scratches the surface of making any income online, much less a six figure income! The steps are just not there. For instance, he talks about selling the blogs for fast income, but doesn't go in depth as to how or where. It's details like that that will make this book a pass for many people.

This is a little bit nitpicky -- but it really has to be said! The proofreader must have been busy because Rob gets you all excited to learn about the 3 big changes in blogging that you need to pay close attention to. The first two are great and then...there is no third! We'll have to wait for the next update to find out what that revelation was.

With that being said, there are some good sections people who enjoy collecting the Blogging to the Bank series might enjoy. The opening section is quite and good talks about building a real business and steering clear of free blogs. This is a huge departure from the first B to the B, which mostly discussed using free blogs to make money. There are also 5 blogging commandments that Blogging to the Bank 3.0 covers. These are essential for every blogger to follow.

In addition to that you'll find:

  • Monetization options
  • Where to find content so you don't have to write all the time (covers free and paid content)
  • Where to get traffic (Web 2.0, article marketing, etc.)

There is an intriguing section at the end that talks about how to get indexed fast. People who've had to deal with slow Google indexing will appreciate the free service Rob discusses here. Another cool bonus section at the end talks about a little known tactic to get high quality backlinks for free, for just a few minutes work. This is something we'll try on our own blogs and hope to see success.

Overall, this book is a lot shorter than others we've reviewed and it just doesn't deliver on the goods. Still, if you are curious about the Blogging to the Bank craze you might want to pick this up -- it also includes the first edition. If you want a package that contains a lot more meat and helpful steps, you will want to go with one of the other options. Sadly, it seems like this ebook was just thrown together to cash in on a series that once held a lot of weight.

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